President, Roots of Change, a program of the Public Health Institute

Version 2

Michael is a strategist, organizer and thought leader on food and farming systems change. Since 2004, Michael has been leading education and policy campaigns, stakeholder dialogues and creative engagements with government and corporate leaders to promote policies and practices that make agriculture and food enterprises solutions to critical public health challenges. His leadership has rendered a new funding program at the federal level and three new California laws, two new funding programs and five successful budget requests. As a result, nearly $422 million in funding for nutrition incentives has flowed to CBOs and low income families. He has been a key player in passing agriculture policies that have resulted in $500 million in funding to provide farmers with incentives to reduce emissions and/or capture carbon and retain water in the soil and reduce the use of toxic chemicals on farms and antibiotics in livestock operations. He is the host of the podcast, Flipping the Table, featuring honest conversations about food, farming and the future.