Assistant Professor, Assistant Agricultural Engineer, UC Davis

Mason Earles

Prior to joining UC Davis, Dr. Earles worked as a Data Science Engineer at Apple where he created new deep learning and computer vision tools within hardware engineering. During his post-doctoral and doctoral work, he advanced new computational techniques for 3D image processing, quantification, and coupled biophysical modeling of plants. By combining these computational techniques with custom physiological and ecological instrumentation, he provided insight into organismal CO2 diffusion and photosynthesis, H2O transport, and carbohydrate metabolism for species across the plant kingdom. As a faculty member in the Departments of Viticulture and Enology and Biological and Agricultural Engineering, Dr. Earles will build on this industry and academic experience to lead the Plant AI and Biophysics Lab. Dr. Earles is one of the key investigators with AIFS and is a lead with the AIFS Productization and Industrial Collaboration institutional development cluster.