Katherine Kehrli, Former Associate Dean, Seattle Culinary Academy and Founder, Community Loaves

Katherine Kehrli

In March 2020 recognizing the tragedy the pandemic was going to mean to the food insecure, Katherine Kehrli set out to bake bread for her local food bank, Hope Link in Kirkland. She and three friends delivered 19 loaves of delicious, nutritious honey oat pan loaves for that first donation. Since then, the baking brigade has grown to near 1000 volunteers. This BreaderTogether community is baking and delivering bread to 25 different food banks throughout western Washington, south to Portland, and east to Idaho. Loaves are produced from freshly milled whole grain and lightly sifted stone milled flours. As of this writing more than 41,000 loaves have been baked in volunteers home kitchens.