Ciara Segura, Co-Executive Director

Ciara Segura

Ciara’s previous experience within California’s food system spans multiple industries, including early-stage food startups, organic produce distribution, and participatory social science research. She brings with her a strong capacity to think across disciplinary borders and a dedication to thoughtful, place-based advocacy that is driven by the needs and perspectives of local residents. Food is her greatest pleasure and what inspires many of her political commitments.

Ciara joined Mandela Partners in 2018 to address competing food access and economic challenges - ensuring fair pricing for farmers who grow sustainably while simultaneously keeping the cost of healthy food affordable in underserved communities. Since then, she has led the strategic growth of the organization’s food access initiatives and farmer network, and now oversees its business and workforce development programming. In her role as co-executive director, she will continue to deepen Mandela Partners’ cross-sector partnerships and programs, and cultivate pathways for asset and wealth building in limited resource communities of color.