As of October 18, 2021

Food For Fairness Summit organizers are honored and excited to announce the confirmed participation of the following food systems leaders and participants in the 2021 "F3" event...check back often for updates!

Welcome and Introduction - Day One

Welcome and Introduction - Day Two

Welcome and Introduction - Day Three

  • Dr. Andy Jones, Professor, University Writing Program, UC Davis

PANEL:  What Is An Equitable, Sustainable Local Food System?

PRESENTATION:  Overview - Valley Vision's 2021 Food System Action Plan

PANEL:  An Economic Perspective on Local Food Systems

PANEL:  Equitable, Sustainable Food Systems Increase Food Security...Plus So Much More

PANEL:  Culturally Appropriate Food - What Is It?  Why Does It Matter?

PANEL:  Leveraging Food System Innovation to Address Public Health Challenges

PANEL:  Equitable and Sustainable Farming Practices at the Local Level

PANEL: Edible Food Recovery in an Equitable and Sustainable Local Food System

PANEL:  Equity and the Food System Workforce

PANEL:  Transformative Practices

PANEL:  Artificial Intelligence

PANEL:  Moving Forward - Envisioning the Possibilities